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Case Studies

In January of this year, we were directed by Emory University to install the Original Air Probe SanitizerTM in Air Handler Unit #7 (AHU-7) located at the Student Athletic Center.  As a condition of the project, we were also instructed to provide an independent test and balance company to take airflow measurements prior to equipment installation, two weeks and four weeks after installation.  These tests would be used to demonstrate the increase in capacity of the HVAC equipment, calculate energy savings, and provide a criterion for Emory University to measure the success of the project. Enviro-Clean is pleased to provide these test results, as well as, before and after photos as a testimony of how the Original Air Probe Sanitizer can increase energy efficiency, eliminate coil cleaning expenses and increase your bottom line.

See Actual Saving Calculations Chart
Read the full Efficiency case study; Emory Student Athletic Center.


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